Elephant World Travel is a responsible tourism company based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, our company is trying our best as much as possible to initiate a cut-off of the use of plastic bottles all over Cambodia, and we are now a big partnering with RefillNotLandfill a campaign to reduce plastic bottles around the world.

RefillNotLandfill was Founded in 2016 by Christian de Boer (Jaya House River Park) and Dean McLachlan (JustRide Motorbike Adventures), Refill Not Landfill is a global campaign to reduce single-use plastic drinking bottles and other single-use plastic waste.

RefillNotLandfill aims to reduce the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year by encouraging the use of reusable drinking bottles, replacing millions of single-use plastic water bottles, and offering free water refill stations at participating businesses and partners around the world. Read More

RefillNotLandfill is a self-funded campaign, in order to support the campaign sustainability and keep moving to keep our city clean with no single plastic bottle on the ground is to order the bottles with your beautiful logo printed on the bottles, see more details and price or email to [email protected]

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RefillNotLandfill informal consortium hopes to revolutionize the way that tourists (and locals) consume water in a world where few plastic containers are actually recycled, with most ending up in mountainous landfills or piling up beside roads, choking waterways, killing our oceans, and littering cities, towns, and fields with plastic waste.

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